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Travel Insurance in a Covid-19 World.

Make sure you are covered!

We've always maintained that Travel Insurance is one of the absolute musts when it comes to planning your holiday or business travel. We've always ensured that our team is fully covered whenever we travel and, following an unexpected incident in the United States and a $ 15 000.00 bill, we were very grateful that we did. But how has Covid-19 affected the travel insurance industry? In the early stages of the pandemic, insurers rushed to exclude Covid-19 from cover. Further down the line, insurers have realised that Covid-19 is going to be around for a while and they need to adapt their policies accordingly. A limited number of Travel Insurance Providers have, therefore, now introduced policies that provide travellers with Covid-19 Cover. The important points to look out for are: 1. Are you covered for cancellation if you or anyone names on the policy contracts Covid-19?

2. Are you covered if you are travelling and are denied boarding by an airline as a result of contracting Covid-19?

3. Do you have cover for medical expenses and repatriation if you develop Covid-19 while you are abroad?


- the duration of stay abroad, many policies have now reduced the time you may spend overseas

- In the UK, FCDO advice. There is no cover on policies if you travel against the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), government, local authority, or medical advice. HOW CAN WE HELP? We are pleased to have partnered with First Travel Insurance and Rush/Battleface to offer Flitestar clients travel insurance policies that cover the above. To purchase yours, simply click the following link:

So when the world starts travelling again, make sure you are covered!

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