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Read the book or watch the movie!

Welcome to our University!  Here you find Module One and Module Two of our Air Charter Training, brought to you by Evelyn Carson.  The modules will provide you with a great insight into how the air charter industry works, what we need to know and give you a basic understanding of private aviation in order to better serve your customers. 

In addition, Debbie Martin takes you through the in's and out's of Air Charter in Africa!

Watch the training videos below or click through to the E-Book Version!

E-Books | Our Virtual Training Brochures

Our E-Books provide an insight into the basics of Private Aviation.  Choose from the "University of Private Jets" offering an overview of Air Charter and its processes, and for customers with a focus on Africa, Our Guide to Air Charter in Africa.  Click the Cover to get started!

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Training Videos | With Evelyn Carson

Module One:

Module Two:

Training Videos | Africa with Debbie Martin

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