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We are highly experienced in Private Pet Travel

We are one of the few Private Aviation Companies to offer an in-house Veterinary Specialist.

Travelling with your precious pets in the hold of an aircraft is stressful, not only for the pets but for the owners too. As devout pet owners ourselves, we understand how precious they are so flying your pets by private jet offers an opportunity to enjoy the flight together with them in the cabin!

Whether you are travelling for business, to and from vacation or to and from your second home, we are ideally placed to assist you with your pet travel but we will let Trent tell you more.......

It's also quicker too.  You will need to ensure that all your pets documentation is in order (we will happily advise you on this).  For example, entering the United Kingdom they will need to have their micro-chip scanned but this can be done on the aircraft or on the ramp.

For safety reasons, the pets will need to be restrained for take off and landing and thus may need to be placed into a travelling container to during this time to ensure your safety and theirs. 

It's also important to note that only certain airports in the United Kingdom have facilities to accept pets.  We are able to assist with Pet Travel Worldwide.

What you need to know.

If you are planning on travelling with your pet, it is really important to start planning well in advance unless you and your furry friend are very regular international travellers.  While it remains the ultimate responsibility of the pet owner to ensure that all the documentation is in place, our in-house pet travel team will assist you through the process, step-by-step.

As each destination has very specific requirements for pet travel, these will be treated on a per-case basis but it is vital to plan ahead as some countries have very specific requirements which may result in blood work having to be done between 3 - 6 months before departure.

Many countries require a "fit-to-fly" examination within 72 hours of take-off which must be performed by a registered veterinarian.  The regulations remain the same regardless of whether you travel private or commercial. 

We also recommend that you limit your pets food consumption in the 12 hours prior to take off.


Our team will be in close contact with you during this time to ensure that all the documentation is correct and in place before you travel to the airport.

Day of Departure

This is where the true advantages of fly private come into force.  You will generally (where possible) arrive at an FBO (Private Terminal) where the team will welcome you and your pet.   A final check into your pets travel documentation is generally done at this stage prior to boarding.  You will board normally with your pets at your side into the cabin. 

For dogs prone to moulting, we always recommend a good brushing before departure to limit dog hair left in the cabin.  Remember, most aircraft operators will charge an additional cleaning fee if the cabin needs a particularly deep clean after your flight and this could amount to up to 

EUR 1 000.00 per flight. 

Many operators require that you travel with a pet travel crate.  If this is too large for the cabin, it must be disassembled prior to your arrival at the Private Terminal and stowed with your baggage on the aircraft in case local authorities require that your pet be placed into it at any time.  You should also ensure that you have a lead and muzzle on board with you for each pet to ensure the safety of the Flight Crew if requested.


On board facilities vary from aircraft to aircraft and it is really important to discuss your specific needs with your Flitestar Charter Team Member when confirming your charter.  A small jet such as a Citation or Mustang may be totally inappropriate for a larger dog for example and not have sufficient stowage space for pet travel crates which may be required in the event of a SAFA inspection of the aircraft upon landing. 

When we fly our own pets, we like to travel with a couple of fabric throws to put onto seats or sofa's to ensure that no damage is done by claws etc.  We also travel with Puppy Pads for emergencies.  Many of these are scented to attract dogs to use them and we place them in the onboard loo.   We also make sure we have a few dog treats to make the trip fun. Make sure you have a dog bowl as well.  Generally the same restrictions apply to private flights regarding the carrying of liquids so you may not be able to take full bottles of water on board yourself.

Your pet may experience some discomfort on take off and landing.  Remember that their ears are affected exactly the same as ours with the pressure changes and they naturally do not understand why.  Don't be afraid to sit with them or give them a cuddle for comfort on take off or landing. During the cruise phase of the flight and subject to flight crew approval, they are generally free to wander the cabin and spend time with you.  Just ensure that they do not enter the cockpit! 


Each country has very specific arrival procedures and our team will assist in ensuring that these are complied with.  For example, when traveling to the United Kingdom, you may only enter at certain DEFRA approved airport gateways.   Certain countries, such as Cyprus for example, may require a veterinary inspection which must be booked at least 48 hours in advance of arrival.  In certain countries such as the United Kingdom, a nominated Pet Travel Company must be contracted to process the animals arrival.  This is often done while you remain on board the aircraft or in the private terminal.  Your pet's microchips are scanned, your paperwork checked and any arrival fee's are collected.  After this you and your furry friends are free to go! 

Travelling to and from the United KIngdom

The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has very specific requirements for the importation of pets into the United Kingdom.  Your aircraft operator will need to be DEFRA approved and you must arrive at a DEFRA approved gateway airport. 

The following airports are approved for pets to enter the United Kingdom:

Manchester Airport, Edinburgh Airport, London Stansted Airport, Biggin Hill Airport, London Oxford Airport, Blackpool Airport, Doncaster Robin Hood Airport, Cambridge Airport, Leeds/Bradford Airport, Bristol Airport, Glasgow Airport and Farnborough Airport. 

The following link will provide you with up-to-date information and requirements:

We will ensure that your flight is DEFRA approved but please note that this can take up to 14 days.  If entering the United Kingdom, you must ensure that your pet is micro-chipped and has a pet passport or the necessary veterinary certificate from another country.  Your pet will need to be vaccinnated against rabies and you may require a tapeworm treatment.

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