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Introducing the NEW Airbus A340-300 from Flitestar!

INTRODUCING the Airbus A340-300. Configured with 253 seats in 2 classes

providing plenty of leg room in the wide-body twin-aisle cabin. For extra comfort, the

Business Class section features flat-bed seats that fully recline.

The large cargo holds can accommodate 11 pallets (a mix of 96-inch and 88-inch pallets) or 32 industry-standard LD3 containers. Additionally, the large cargo doors can take LD3 containers in side- by-side loading.

With four engines, the A340-300 does not require any ETOPS (Extended-range Twin-

engine Operational Performance Standards) certification. It also has good ‘hot and high’ capability at airports that would be inaccessible to other aircraft.

The A340-300 offers a cost-effective solution for direct flights over long


The aircraft is available for:


  Adhoc charters or series of flights

  ACMI lease (wet/damp lease on short or long term basis)

Maximum Range: 13 500 km

Maximum Cargo Capacity: 53 000 kg

For more information, view our Airbus A340 Charter Pack PDF by clicking on the link below the image:

Flitestar Airbus A340-300 Charter Pack
Download PDF • 4.10MB

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