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One thing we are NOT is a faceless corporation.  We are a team of dedicated aviation professionals who love what we do.

We've all heard the saying that if you love what you do then you'll never work a day in your life.  Well that's how we feel about working at Flitestar.

One of the greatest joys for us is never knowing what the day will bring.  Our clients can be in all four corners of the world but still receive the same dedication and attention to detail wherever they are.

Flitestar Airlines Large Group Charters.
Flitestar Africa


We all love a good story.  Way back in the days of flying boats and biplanes (well, maybe not quite that long ago) our Founder had two good friends who worked for a little airline down at the tip of Africa that was taking on the big boys.

It was his first taste of commercial aviation and he often ended up at work with them, loving the smell of Jet A1, the howl of engines on touchdown and the buzz of activity on turnaround. 

This little airline developed a brilliant reputation for service and innovation.  But it wasn't to last.  Crushed by the dominant player in the market through what have now been recognized as illegal business practices, they folded. 

Our Founder never forgot those days and, despite a varied and interesting aviation career around the world when the opportunity arose to acquire the trademark, he jumped at it.

Photos:  Cornelius Saayman


While Flitestar today is a very different company, the initial passion, dedication and love for the brand of those dedicated aviation professionals far away on the tip of Africa has never been forgotten.

Today we are a Private Aviation Company flying passengers to and from worldwide destinations on-demand.  But that's not to say we don't have big dreams so, who knows, maybe one day a "Polaris", "Rigel", "Taurus" and "Sirius" will take to the skies in Flitestar colours again.

Image:  Flitestar Preferred Partner - SATA Air Azores

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Learn a little bit more about us and what we do by downloading our digital brochure.

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