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Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together some tips from our most frequent requests

Can I fly with my Pet?

Yes, but there are certain rules if flying in to or out of the UK. They will need a pet passport, to be microchipped, their rabies vaccination history (which must be in date) and a tapeworm treatment to be administered 12-24 hours prior to arrival in the UK.  Visit our Flying with Pets section for more info:

Can Children fly privately?

Yes, Flitestar can provide meals for children and children’s in-flight entertainment. As with commercial flights, babies can travel on the lap of a parent up until the age of two years old. For toddlers and children we will arrange for the correct child seat or booster seat to be fitted.

Do you use major airports?

Many international airports do permit private aircraft to arrive and depart although certain may be capacity constrained. Most commercial airports offer private lounges and facilities exclusively for private jet passengers. With that said, smaller airports often have advantages over larger airports, when it comes to landing charter flights. 

If WiFi Available on Board.

Certain aircraft do have Wifi available on board.  If this is a pre-requisite, please let us know at time of reservation.

Is there a restroom on board?

Virtually all of our aircraft have restroom facilities on board, please double check at time of reservation.

Can I smoke on board?

Certain aircraft do permit smoking on board.  Please check at time of reservation.

Is there Wheelchair access?

Most, if not all, airports will offer wheelchair access but be sure to check with your account manager prior to your flight. If you need specialist medical care, such as an ambulift, you will be limited to certain terminals and aircraft with these facilities to accommodate.

Can you arrange Ground


Our sister company, Journeys by Jet Ltd, is fully licenced and bonded to provide ground transportation and accommodation to form a package.

Why should I charter?

Charter flights can fly into smaller regional airports that commercial scheduled airline services can not. This means that you may be able to get nearer to your destination and fly to remote destinations. If you want to visit a remote island for example, commercial flights may not offer a direct route, but with a private jet charter this is possible. On a private jet charter you can also choose exactly when you want to fly and who you want to fly with. Relaxation and convenience are the top priority, and you can choose how you want to spend the duration of your flight, be it working or sleeping, without being disturbed by other passengers. You can control the air-conditioning, select your preferred in-flight dining menu and tailor the flight to suit your exact needs – on a private jet charter the ball is in your court. Extra leg room, padded reclining chairs and sometimes even full-size beds, mean that you can really relax. Another key benefit is that boarding times are greatly reduced, and you may only need to arrive 15 minutes before the time of your departure.

What happens if there is a weather or technical delay?

In either case your account manager will do their best to rectify the situation as soon as possible. In the case of bad weather you may need to delay take off, amend your route or land at a slightly different airport. In the case of a tech aircraft we will try to get a replacement to you as soon as possible.

What catering is included?

Depending on the type of aircraft and length of flight you’ll have different catering options available to you. Smaller aircraft will not be able to offer hot food aside from soup. Onboard catering will be VIP-standard and we can accommodate any dietary requirements you may have without any extra charges. We also have meal plans for children. Do bear in mind that any specialist requests, such as caviar or certain wines, Champagnes or spirits may incur a charge.

Are there any additional charges?

Our quotation is generally all-inclusive.  Passenger requested diversion charges, de-icing and specialist catering incur an additional charge.

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