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Sports Charters - We have the Solution!

Whether you are the team itself or a group of ardent supports, our Sports Charters are a perfect solution to get you to the game!

Air Charter Solutions for Sports Teams and Supporters

Whether travelling to a national championship, the European Cup, the World Cup, the Olympic Games or just to friendly matches, we can make sense of your flight logistics. When away games are played in out-of-the-way locations, avoid facing long and arduous train and coach journeys, airport chaos and crowds and fly private with Flitestar Sports Charters.

Aside from the selection of aircraft types we are able to offer, we anticipate your needs and work with you and your team to plan everything and make your flying experience the best it can be through supervision, coordination on the ground, baggage handling, simplified boarding and disembarkation procedures, customs handling, in-flight catering, personalised services, and support.

Whether it is for an individual player, a sports team, staff, partners, sponsors or supporters, Flitestar Sports Charters will co-ordinate your journey with the best aircraft at the best price, choosing from private jets, regional turboprops, short- or long-haul airliners and VIP airliners.

A range of aircraft from VIP to Airliner

For all your Sports Charter Requirements, get in touch with Flitestar on:

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