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Private Jet Catering - What to Know!

When you fly private, your on-board experience can be elevated to a whole new level! Forget bland commercial airline catering, on certain private flights, you can dine like a gourmet in the sky. But there are a few things to be aware of first if you are wondering about Private Jet Catering - What to Know!

A selection of on-board catering can be ordered in advance

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions!

1. Do you get served food on all private flights?

The answer is yes and no. On smaller aircraft such as the Phenom 100, Citation's, etc, there is no flight attendant and no galley. But this doesn't mean that you will go hungry. Generally light snacks and drinks are available, however, this sometimes has to be self-service due to the nature of the aircraft type or, if you are lucky, one of your pilots will serve you personally! On larger aircraft, your Flitestar Charter Planner will assist you with menu options. Depending on the aircraft type, a full galley with ovens may be available in which case your meals are prepared and re-heated by your flight attendant. Choose from everything from beef to lobster to sushi, although some premium items such as Beluga Caviar may attract a surcharge over and above your charter price.

2. How does your on-board catering work?

When you confirm your flight, let your Flitestar Charter Planner know if you have any special requests. Our worldwide network of caterers have a great record of creating mouthwatering meals using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Do bear in mind, though, that if you are travelling as group, its better to only order one or two main dish types - plating 14 different dishes can be time consuming for one flight attendant and result in a staggered service!

3. Can the Crew actually cook on a private aircraft?

Essentially this is dependent upon the aircraft type, however, in most cases, the dishes are prepared in advance and re-heated and presented by your flight attendant. Certain breakfast dishes such as scrambled eggs etc may be freshly prepared on board. Whether you’re ordering a boxed lunch for a short-haul flight or planning delicious meals prepared inflight by crew members, our team are here to help arrange a memorable meal plan for your next charter.

Catering on board a private jet

4. Is catering extra?

In most cases, standard catering is included in your charter price. This naturally depends upon the type of aircraft your are chartering and can vary widely. The best idea is to discuss your catering requirements at the time of flight reservation to ensure that we are catering for all your tastes!

For more information or to obtain a quote for a charter, contact our friendly Charter Team on: or call us on +44 (0) 1565 756 198 in the UK or +357 26221634 in Europe.

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