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Group Travel with Flitestar - Large Group Air Charter

If you are travelling with a group, then chartering an aircraft could be the perfect option for you, but there are a few tips and suggestions to be aware of!


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At Flitestar, we have access to a range of passenger aircraft suitable for your large group air charter, from commuter aircraft to all-business class jets and we are specialists in large group movements. You may be looking at travelling as a group of friends for a special occasion, with your Company for an incentive, to a wedding abroad, as a sports team or moving a ships crew. We've done it all and our team are well placed to assist you with your group travel requirements.

There are a few pointers to be mindful of. When comparing aircraft charter to a scheduled flight, the cost for a charter will generally work out more expensive. This is because we have to factor in positioning the aircraft to your departure point and back from your arrival point. These empty leg flights needs to be included in the cost of your charter. The benefit is being able to fly your group together, on a date, day and time that suits you and possibly on a route that is not serviced by scheduled airlines. You also have the opportunity to brand the aircraft, both inside and out, for an additional cost, perfect for product and brand launches. We have even created virtual airlines for clients!

Large Group Air Charter

For smaller groups, we have aircraft such as the Beechcraft King Air and Beechcraft B1900 (seating up to 19), mid-size aircraft include the Embraer 145 and ATR42 seating between 30 and 42 passengers. For short to medium haul routes, the Airbus A320 and Boeing 737-800 are the mainstays of commercial aircharter aircraft. For long-haul, we have access to a fleet of Airbus A330 and Airbus A340 aircraft.

So if you have a group travel requirements, get in touch with the experts! Call us on +44 (0) 1565 745 198 (UK) or +357 26221634 (Worldwide) or email:

We'll see you in the Skies !

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