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Cyprus to welcome back UK Visitors!

The Cypriot Government has confirmed it will be ready to welcome travellers from the UK as soon as UK Travel Restrictions are lifted.

The Cypriot authorities said visitors would be welcome from Thursday 01 April 2021, although a current ban on non-essential international travel from the UK will not be lifted until at least May 17 at the earliest.

Under protocols for the resumption of its tourism industry, Cyprus said any visitors from the UK could avoid quarantine if they provide a negative PCR Covid test, with the requirement extending to children aged 12-18.

From Saturday 01 May 2021, all travellers who can prove they have had “the required doses of a recognised vaccine” will not be required to demonstrate a negative test or be subject to quarantine rules, although they may be subject to random spot-testing on particular flights.

In an official statement, the government said: “Taking all necessary measures to ensure that visitors enjoy their holidays in a safe and carefree environment, Cyprus will be opening its borders to all UK visitors.

“Cyprus will continue to provide the best holiday experience to which our visitors are accustomed, and for which we remain one of their most beloved destinations.”

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