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Preferred Operators

Preferred Commercial Aircraft Operators & Aircraft Brief Sheets



While the Avinode System remains our first point-of-contact for charter requests, primarily due to the integration and speed of turnaround, it is significantly lacking when it comes to product content pertaining to commercial aircraft. In addition, some operators do not list their aircraft on Avinode.  A number of our Preferred Operators are listed below.

Understanding Light Aircraft/Private Jets vs Airliners/Commercial Aircraft

Generally the cut off point is 19 passengers.  Anything under 19 seats generally falls under the Light Aircraft/Private Jets Category, anything above this falls under Airliners/Commercial Aircraft.

Private Jet Operators (non-Avinode)

National Legacy

Matt Taylor

M:  +971 54 5401264

M:  +44 77387 41432 



Legacy 600 // Based in Kuwait City // KWI/OKBK // 13 pax // Range 6000km

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Commercial Aircraft Operators (Over 19 Seats)

The PDF document below provides up-to-date information and contract details for key commercial aircraft operators.

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