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Get to know the Cessna Citation Family

With a 50 year pedigree, it's no wonder that the Cessna Citation has become one of the most popular and reliable of the small jets in the world today. We delve a little deeper into the different variants of this popular short to medium haul private jet which we hope will help you make the very best choice when it comes to selecting your charter aircraft with Flitestar!

The Citation first flew in 1969 and was was upgraded in 1976 to the Citation 1, also known as the model 500, a designator you can sometimes spot on Flight Radar! An upgraded version, the Citation II (also known as the Citation Bravo) or model 550, followed on soon after and these models remain hugely popular in both the United States and Europe today.

The Citation III and IV followed on soon afternoon and the easiest way to tell these variants apart from their predecessors is the high T-tail!

The first Citations in the XL series (Excel/XLS/XLS+) took flight in 1996 and these also remain hugely popular today. With a longer range, larger cabin and later models featuring an all-glass cockpit, the XL series is a step up from the smaller Citation II. The Citation Latitude and Longitude are the flagships of the series, with a stand-up cabin and flat floor.

The baby of the range is the Citation Mustang, the model 510, with only 4 seats and no separate toilet facility, its popular on short routes within Europe and the UK.

Citation M2 (CJ2) | 7 Passengers | 2,850km range

Citation CJ3 | 9 Passengers | 3,780km range

Citation XLS+ | 9 Passengers | 3,900km range

Citation Latitude | 9 Passengers | 5,280km range

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